Abbott & Costello Break Attendance Record!

“Hope all of you enjoy the screening of this A&C classic, by far the cult film of all their movies. Wish I could be here with you to see it on the big screen, but will be there in spirit… Keep the laughter flowing, and thank you for keeping the A&C legacy alive. Enjoy the film, and Happy Halloween. Chris Costello and the entire Costello family.”

 photo 1bf4d1d9-8156-4438-9c94-bd74e248a3d5_zpsxtzxopbb.jpg

This past Thursday night (10/29/15), Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein set a new attendance record for the Pickwick Theatre Classic Film Series. Nearly 800 people (782) attended our screening, breaking the old record of 735 held by last season’s showing of Gone With the Wind. We are extremely grateful to all those who attended this Halloween event, especially the dozens of kids who came in costume.

Special thanks to Chris Costello, Lou Costello’s daughter, for the special introduction she sent us, our guest organist David Drazin, and our costume contest judges: Allison, Allie, and Elizabeth.

 photo 1645a88f-306f-4eeb-83a5-327199076cff_zps7stwsf1q.jpg

The largest crowd we’ve ever seen came out for the antics of Bud and Lou…
 photo 1adc59a1-fbe6-4f0d-9c69-aec593d6dc72_zpscylakmjm.jpg

Parade of the ghouls…
 photo 0c4b901a-d50e-4fd4-98ab-7b3404563605_zpsseq048qu.jpg

Starting the costume contest…
 photo 5c0aefd1-8aeb-4880-8ce5-d74915635714_zpsq8j2fyup.jpg

Our First Place winner, Connor…
 photo b9350d61-8ac9-43a4-b754-d9c10b6452ec_zpsxl9tfyye.jpg

Ringmaster Matthew with Movie Hostess Allison/Marilyn
 photo 09a8b2dd-18f7-4fbd-bcdb-78764a63f66d_zpsoryqvxzs.jpg

Morticia (Elizabeth)
 photo feb70b2e-6f8d-492e-abfe-b939c6fd6c9a_zpsg7fj6mgw.jpg

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